Wednesday, April 30, 2003

You Have No Idea How Bad it Is

Likewise, althought the Christian church is, properly speaking, nothing else than the assembly of all believers, yet becasue in this life many false Christians, hypocrites, and even public sinners remain among the righteous, the sacraments--even though administered by unrighteous priests--are efficacious all the same. For as Christ himself indicates [Matt 23:2-3]: 'The scribes and all the Pharisees on Moses' seat...." Condemned, therefore, are the Donatists and all others who hold a different view.

Article 8 continues reflection on the church. This article entertains the mingling of sinners and saints in the church in the form given to it by the church's struggles in North Africa in the fourth century.

It does not focus so much upon the fact that wheat and tares remain together in the church until the End but goes on to consider whether human failings can comprimise the sacraments and preaching of the church.

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