Sunday, May 25, 2003

Article X: Concerning the Lord's Supper

Concerning the Lord's Super it is taught that the true body and blood of Christ are truly present under the form of bread and wine in the Lord's Supper and are distributed and received there. Rejected, therefore, is also the contrary teaching.

I don't always have the head for mystery. I like to figure things out. The contrary teaching is that the body and blood of Christ are not so distributed and received. This article is a wholly judicious one. That the body and blood are there, in this bread held out for you, should be enough. Luther and other Lutherans went on to much more when other theologians tried to find wiggle room to avoid the fact that in this Supper Christ confronts us with his forgiveness right here. Much elaboration is required once things get dicey to continually assert the here and this-ness of the Supper. But the how, the how remains the mystery. Mystery not in the sense of something we should one day figure out but mystery in the sense that it is God's business and not ours. And that it is adored not examined. Focusing on the where question helps us to avoid this. I'll admit I would like to get at the how; but this article seems to be enough (satis est?).

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