Thursday, November 13, 2003

1. Music written by the saints over time. Matt, you have written a beautiful response, and I'm so glad you mention von Balthasar. Indeed, the main thing I've learned from him in my readings is this simple truth, that beauty is the criterion by which to judge the aesthetic in its manifestation of the Word. So I wonder, what music post-Bach lives up to the standards of the list you've mentioned?

2. Holden Evening Prayer. Irony is one of those words that gets slippery. On purpose. By an ironic appropriation of the liturgy, I guess I mean taking the tradition, then using it to speak a new thing using the old, an old that never intended to speak the new (or may have intended it but then didn't). Haugen's liturgy is beautiful, this I'm convinced of. It isn't perfect. It takes the old Vespers form and makes it about justice. It also makes it singable around a campfire. Therefore it is ancient while at the same time easily sung by those who wear polar fleeces from REI. :) That may not be the best definition of ironic. I'm thankful that Greg and Matt have drawn attention to an unintended consequence of my appropriation of an Eco quote. Maybe irony and liturgy cannot be done. What would a truly ironic worship look like?

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