Monday, January 19, 2004


I'm an Iowa boy. Although I haven't taken up the vocation of farmer, a long-standing vocational calling in my family, I still identify strongly with the state. So tonight I'm listening to the radio (no TV, TV is evil) and currently, Tom Harkin is cheering on the Howard Dean supporters, in spite of Dean's seemingly reversed position in the Iowa caucus. Edwards and Kerry came out way ahead of Dean, but the race is not over, because New Hampshire is a week away, and who knows. Just look at what happened in Iowa. Harkin says, "change is a marathon", and that seems to be the case.

So, people are switching sides with alacrity. I must say I'm one of them. I liked Dean because he was ahead. I liked Dean because of his grassroots appeal. But i really like Kucinich and Brown because of their platforms. Now, after watching the debates, I'm thinking Kerry and Edwards are the real power-houses. Kerry has a history that is convincing, and Edwards has a personality that is convincing. I think Edwards is really the personality powerhouse.

But I still have the Dean bumper-sticker on my car, and now, Dean is talking on the radio, and he's happy, and excited, and he's the man, and he's gonna take back the white house, and now he said, "whaaaaaaaa. We will not give up!" Politics is so much about the hurrah. It is so much about chutzpah, about shouting and being fired up and about being confident, in spite of the evidence. So lose your voice, like Clinton did before you, but take back the white house from that ass, Goerge W.

And so I'm saying that on this blog, that as a Christian, as a Lutheran, and as a person and citizen of the U.S. and an Iowan, if George W. is not replaced in 2004 by any of these Democrat candidates, I only have one thing to say, "We've gotten the punishment we deserve, like the Isrealites of old who asked for kings and got them."

Greg says we must write comedy. We all must. I will find the time to do so, but for now, let's simply say this, "Bring it on."

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