Friday, January 16, 2004

Responses to Responses on Baptism

Thanks to Clint for initial responses to my questions.

#1 . The context of my question was the affirmation of baptism by everybody. It was not a "confirmation" service. So this does not parallel the culimination of Christian initiation that most churches think needs to happen in the teen years. So what of the full congregational use of the affirmation of baptism?

#2 . We were told that we should reaffirm our baptism by our pastor because we need to keep to it, stick to the Lord, and so on, for the sake of our vocations. Is this the same as use? I can't help but think this use of the baptism is the sort that is misuse because it is my badge to go out and do Christian things in my job. I am of the mindset that yes, Christians do approach the world's demands (law) differently but the do so in freedom not becuase they can fulfill the demands in a special way.

#3. I like your way of introducing baptism. I'll have to ponder it more.

#4. Maxwell Johnson proposes this in his book, The Rites of Chrisitan Initiation. He is on the Renewing Worship board; I wonder what reasons they have for not following his advice.

#5. Your response opens up more questions for me, Clint. The older way to phrase what Luther treats in the Sintflutgebet is the relationship of the sacraments of the old and new testaments. Also, it reminds me of an older back-and-forth between on the Theology Thursday writings where readers urge that Exodus and other OT events are salvific in an important way and Ed Schroeder sticks to his Elert-istic guns and says: nope. Does Israel's passing through the shower do the same thing as baptism? A yes may be the right answer but I am interested in the mechanics of how that is the case.

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