Monday, February 23, 2004

A Famous Children's Book on the Trinity

A Famous Children's Book on the Trinity

Inspired by the Athanasian Creed, I remember a Trinity Sunday where the children of the church were given this book. The book, 3 in 1 by Joanne Marchausen is a famous book for children on the Trinity. It is not too bad. I have heard it condemned by theologians for providing too static a picture of God. Apples instead of God-given language for God. This is a good argument: after all the analogy of the apple is stretched big time by its connection to the Trinity. And it seems to suggest that the "threeness" of God is the same level as the "oneness" so that 3 in 1 is sort of a mathematical problem. But, as far as it goes, it is a good book. Preachers I have heard have had a lot more lousy explanations. Especially the instance Hans Kung likes to cite where the country parson claims the Trinity is above reason so that there is no sermon today. Surely the Trinity is a mystery but mysteries are there for speaking and thinking on just as much as adoring.

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