Monday, March 08, 2004

A Hope for Collapsing Churches

A Hope for Collapsing Churches

"FROM A DISTANCE, THE castles towers can be seen rising high above the country side, its flags snapping in the wind. Its walls stand massive and secure, and the life inside continues much as it always has. And yet its foundation is cracking and sinking, the walls beginning here and there to crumble, its flags tattered, the roofs full of holes, and many of the windows broken.

Such, certainly, are the mainline Churches. Such also is Rome, seen as a whole; that is, as including Hans Kung and Rosemary Radford Ruether as well as Pope John Paul II. Such will be Orthodoxy as well, when those Churches have more fully been infected by modernity and the cultural ghetto that has so far protected them has finally turned into a suburb. I will describe here only the mainline Churches, because their decay is already so advanced and so easy to trace. Barring divine intervention on a scale not seen since the parting of the Red Sea, the mainline Churches will predictably and inevitably collapse, but in this inevitability lies the greatest hope for orthodox Christianity therein..."

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