Sunday, August 29, 2004

A Question of Methodology

So Greg raises an interesting point. He says, in response to my observation that neither he nor I have been able to limit posts to the blog to soteriology "strictly speaking": "my man, if it concerns God and the things of God, then it concerns the salvation and freedom God enjoys."

So this raises a question of methodology, one I have been puzzling over as we read our materials for CTI, and also as I think through how to consistently and regularly write on the topic of soteriology. How does one delimit the doctrine of salvation from the other doctrines of the Christian faith. Clearly those who write dogmatics and systematics do so, but soteriology seems to be one of those areas where reflection on said bleeds immediately into other doctrines. Talk about God, you're talking salvation.

Let's try and survey the way at least a few theologians have set off soteriology as a distinct area of comment within their total dogmatics or reflection. I'll start with D.B. Hart. I'll look for contributions from others in the next couple of weeks.

Also, as a warning, I'm off to Austria and Slovakia for vacation September 1-15, so probably will not post, or if I do post, it will be about our travels from the road.

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