Thursday, February 24, 2005

Napoleon Dynamite

Ever wonder what pastors talk about when they IM? Well, here's one example. If you haven't seen the movie, do. But watch it twice. It keeps getting funnier.


Pastor Napoleon: so, we're like best friends and stuff by now, huh?

Pastor Pedro: what?

Pastor Napoleon: from the movie!

Pastor Napoleon: it's a line from Napoleon Dynamite

Pastor Pedro: YES

Pastor Pedro: sorry I didn't know I was talking to a youth ;0

Pastor Napoleon: sweet!

Pastor Napoleon: my brother and I have extended conversations where all we do is quote that movie

Pastor Pedro: did you know that movie conforms to all of the strictures of the mormon church?

Pastor Napoleon: no, but I did notice it was a very moral movie

Pastor Pedro: it's a mormon movie

Pastor Napoleon: wow

Pastor Pedro: no drinking

Pastor Pedro: no swearing

Pastor Napoleon: and Cousin Vinnie spits his meat out

Pastor Pedro: no drugs

Pastor Pedro: go figure

Pastor Napoleon: Napoleon's dance is the best metaphor for grace that I've seen in a long, long time

Pastor Pedro: haha

Pastor Pedro: nice

Pastor Napoleon: i'm serious

Pastor Pedro: reminds me of some of the liturgical stuff we saw at sem

Pastor Napoleon: completely mediocre kid who rehearses dance moves from a junky video he bought at Goodwill

Pastor Napoleon: and then performs an act of pure selflessness and beauty

Pastor Pedro: how far can you push that?

Pastor Napoleon: why would you want to push it?

Pastor Pedro: well what's the equivalent of practicing to a bad videotape?

Pastor Napoleon: communion wafers

Pastor Pedro: !

Pastor Pedro: nice

Pastor Pedro: you did it

Pastor Pedro: ;-)

Pastor Napoleon: the video was a mundane means of grace

Pastor Napoleon: Aquinas says that one of the states of being in heaven is agility

Pastor Napoleon:

Pastor Pedro: lol

Pastor Napoleon: how am I doing now?

Pastor Napoleon: I've done a Thomistic reading of Napoleon Dynamite, plus sacramentology!

Pastor Pedro: you're keeping nimble out there at sashgong; you've got sweet skills!


  1. Wow! You liked Napoleon Dynamite...

    Do not hit my blog or I will feel the need to confess and I am not Catholic!

    Neato to see a man of the cloth has a blog!

  2. I think I need to see it a second time. I kind of fell asleep the first time I tried watching it.