Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Lenten preparations

This is an idea sharing post. We're in the middle of preparations for the Lenten season, and I wonder what other folks are doing to prepare. For example, we're going to be using material from the Youth & Family Institute, Frogs Without Legs for Lent, for some of our devotional resources. We're learning a new setting of the liturgy, setting 1 from the LBW, so will be slowly introducing the new musical settings of that liturgy throughout the 40 days. And on Wednesday evenings we're praying Holden Evening Prayer, and making space for people to give testimonials.

On February 25th, we're hosting a half-day prayer retreat, to assist the congregation in praying their way into the season.

On Ash Wednesday, I'll be preaching on the call to individual confession and absolution as an exercise of the office of the keys, confession with a pastor for the sake of the absolution. On Maundy Thursday, when we have our fifth graders receive communion for the first time, we'll be doing some teaching on the relatively new ELCA position that communion is open to all the baptized (a position I thoroughly agree with and support). And as part of the 5th graders preparations for their first communion, they'll be making chalices together with a local potter.

Those are some examples. What all is going on in your contexts?


  1. I am doing a Wednesday evening class on the Ten Commandments and am accompanying it with a class-specific weblog. I hope that the web aspect will deepen the experience for those who can use it and choose to use it and also perhaps be an avenue into study for those who choose not to attend the class. The address is: (catchy, eh?)