Wednesday, April 19, 2006

8. The following topics may be addressed in future posts on this blog. Please rate the importance of the following features.

Very Important Important Somewhat Important Not Important Response Total
Book reviews
20% (2) 10% (1) 50% (5) 20% (2)
Constructive theological reflections
33% (3) 56% (5) 11% (1) 0% (0)
Commentary on Scripture
40% (4) 40% (4) 20% (2) 0% (0)
Commentary on the Lutheran Confessions
22% (2) 44% (4) 33% (3) 0% (0)
Reflections on culture and politics
22% (2) 78% (7) 0% (0) 0% (0)
Practical ministry ideas
22% (2) 56% (5) 22% (2) 0% (0)
Personal reflections
11% (1) 89% (8) 0% (0) 0% (0)

The most simple analysis of this break-down is: Most important is commentary on Scripture, second most important is constructive theological reflection, personal reflections comes in third, and reflections on culture and politics comes in fourth. Although those of you who are better statiticians than me, tell me, since personal reflections received many importants", whereas two other areas have a wider distribution, does that actually rank personal reflections higher, and reflections on culture and politics highest?

Book reviews received the widest distribution of ranking, which makes me wonder, should I satisfy the two readers who ranked it highly, or appease two readers who find it not to be important?

Altogether I received 24 responses, which might be statistically significant, since on average 125 hits are made on this blog...

Thanks to all who participated in the survey. I think I'll design another topical survey and post it some time soon, it's been quite fun.


  1. This might rank as the most confusing post ever on this blog, minus posts that have been theologically incoherent...

  2. I love that you own up to the fact that you're not much of a statitician. Neither am I. Sorry I missed the survey. I've been out of touch with blogs of late.

    For the record, I've most often enjoyed your practical ministry ideas (like a window into an new world!), reflections on culture and politics, and personal reflections.

    I also like the Wisconsin Butter t-shirt photo. That's just a riot.

  3. But why do you blog? Do you blog to satisfy a personal interest and desire to reflect, think, write and express yourself? Or do you blog to appeal to other's interests and needs? It's probably some combination of the two, but I think that your best blogging will come from those things about which you are most passionate.

    Which gets me to thinking about why I blog . . . .