Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Eating Theology

Had a minor publishing success this week. You can read my essay, "Eating Theology," in the Journal of Lutheran Ethics. The JLE is a great resource in our church, I find it very informative on a lot of contemporary ethical issues, and the editor, Kaari Reierson, really helped to make the essay more clear and Biblically centered. Fun to have an editor. Thanks to Kaari!


  1. Clint, thanks for the article. It ties in nicely with my class in community development, double bottom line investment and the like.

  2. Is double bottom line investing like social-purpose investing, or what do you mean by that?

  3. Clint,

    I really enjoyed your article. I let some of my colleagues know. Well done.


  4. Yeah, double bottom line investing is like social-purpose. From a more poetic point of view, double-bottom line emphasizes that social/environmental/philosophical goals are as important as economic. The distinction can be important because some business folks, banks in particular, have a tendency to view socially minded business programs as loss leaders or write-offs.

    Economists believe that market failures often occur because prices fail to include all the costs of a transaction, pollution being the classic example. I feel there is powerful theological/ethical message there. The failure of prices to include all costs is result of viewing the costs of a transaction too narrowly, and compartmentalizing seemingly unrelated phenomenon. But as your essay reveals, we need to connect our secular lives with our spiritual life.