Monday, April 17, 2006

Preliminary Survey Summary

Well, so far 22 of you have taken the survey posted here on the blog, and it's been fun reading comments, etc. I'm posting a few summary notes, but you can still feel free to participate in the survey.

In answer to the question:
Why do you read Lutheran Confessions?

You answered:
1. I found a link or comment on another blog.
2. Insightful. Good religious food for thought. Provokes me into studying the work of christ more often.
3. I'm a seminary student. I love theology
4. I find your reflections interesting and thoughtful - which is saying something, since the blogosphere is filled with lots of boring, uninteresting, angry junk.
5. Because I am a life long career Lutheran who is catholic at heart. I like what the author has written on the Emerging Leaders Network blog.
6. Because they're right.
7. I think the posts are thoughtful and engaging in a way I never felt when I was in parochial school. It's one of the last threads I have to Lutheran practice.

Aw, gosh.

And you're from the following states:

1. TX
2. Texas
3. PA
4. Minnesota
5. IL
6. AZ
7. Illinois
8. IA
9. Pennsylvania
10. Louisiana

Interesting, nobody from my adopted state of Wisconsin has taken the survey yet... And no one from abroad.

You are predominately, but not exclusively, ELCA folk. Also LCMS, Quaker, and Reformed Baptist.

I'll wait and summarize the "future direction for the blog" information after I get a few more responses on the survey.

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