Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Mowing the Lawn

We're new to homeownership, this being our 2nd summer in our house, as well as our 2nd summer of lawnmowing. Last summer I purchased a wonderful rotary mower, and can usually mow our entire lawn with it in about 1.5 hours. This compares favorably with my neighbors who use push gas mowers. But I get to do it without all the noise and pollution.

But spring defeated me this year with seven days of rain, and the grass got beyond my ability to mow manually. Had to have it mowed to get back down to size, and with the time I saved not mowing, went for a walk with the family.

It so happened that the weather had the same effect on everyone in our neighborhood. We were glad for the rain and nourishment for the land, but watched the grass get taller and taller, as if we were being taken over by a foreign army. While out for our walk, at one point, we noticed that four, no make that five, no six, no seven, no, wait, I can see an eighth, people were out moving in their yards simultaneously, and this in a neighborhood with established trees and shrubs.

Have you ever seen eight of your neighbors out doing the same thing at the same time, other than when an ambulance has stopped nearby?

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