Friday, June 09, 2006

Things don't change much, do they?

John Chrysostom writes in a homily on St. John:

"Still, such is the wretched disposition of the many, that after so much reading, they do not even know the names of the Books, and are not ashamed nor tremble at entering so carelessly into a place where they may hear God's word. Yet if a harper, or dancer, or stage-player call at the city, they all run eagerly, and feel obliged to him for the call, and spend the half of an entire day attending to him alone; but when God speaks to us by the prophets and apostles, we yawm, we scratch ourselves, we are drowsy.

And in summer, the heat seems too great, and we betake ourselves to the marketplace; and again, in winter, the rain and the mire are a hindrance, and we sit at home; yet at the horse races, though there is no roof over them to keep off the wet, the greater number, while heavy rains are falling, and the wind is dashing the water into their faces, stand like madmen, caring not for the cold, and wet, and mud, and legth of the way , and nothing keeps them at home, and prevents their going thither [This paragraph reminds me of Badger football games]

But here, where there are roofs over head, and where the warmth is admirable, they hold back instead of running together; and this, too, when the gain is that of their own souls. How is this tolerable, tell me?"

This written in 390 A.D., approximately 1600 years ago. Things don't change as much from century to century as we would like to think, do they?

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