Friday, July 28, 2006

Welcome to all readers of The Lutheran

On page 10 of the August issue (print version) of The Lutheran magazine, Lutheran Confessions is featured in an article on Lutheran blogs. If you're visiting here after reading that column, welcome! If you're a regular here, welcome!

If you've visited this blog as a result of reading The Lutheran, could you mention that here in the comments? Thanks.


  1. Congrats on the shout-out, but I'm proud to say, "I knew you when," back before the fame of your Lutheran Mag mention . . .

    Again, congrats. You're in my feedreader, and I check you out everytime you update . . .

  2. Clint -
    I often check online for theological discussions and for biblical discussions pertaining to the lectionary.
    Saw the ref. in the Lutheran - and decided to check out your site.
    I think you were at Luther Sem. sometime during my years (93-96).

  3. These two comments raise two questions for me. First, Lutheran Zephyr, which feed reader do you use, and do you recommend it?

    Second, Scott, yes, you were a senior when I was a junior, and I'm curious to hear from you and anyone else, what do you look for in a blog? Why do you read them?

  4. Ah, I knew you when... well, 2 months ago or so. You were on someone else's blogroll and I picked up the feed. I use Lifrea for a feed reader, but I'm a Linux Geek (tm) and it's not available for Windows users.

  5. Clint,
    What do I look for in a blog?
    1.topical coverage -- sometimes I search for discussion on a particular topic or biblical ref. or theological concept
    2.lectionary/ sermon prep of consciousness -- whatever is on the writer's mind

    I check different blogs for each of this categories --
    Most of all - I guess I try to find some way that I identify with the writer. I have thought of writing a blog myself, but haven't... yet.

  6. Rebecca8:59 AM

    I'm a pastor's kid who found The Lutheran while filling in at the church office. Being a teenager, the blogging sideblurb immediately caught my eye. I haven't been reading religious blogs, so I can't tell you what I look for in relation to that, but in general I'm looking for a topic that interests me in a readable format. Too many of my friends like to use chatspeak or IM abbreviations, making their blogs almost unreadable.

  7. Stopped by here after seeing it mentioned in The Lutheran. Will probably be back from time to time!

  8. Clint,
    Sorry - I've been busy with the arrival of my second daughter . . . I use Feedreader to read my blogs. This is a small program that sits on your computer. If you want a web-based feedreader that you can access from anywhere, check out Bloglines. The feedreader has allowed me to keep tabs on many blogs rather efficiently, thus exposing me to many blogs and ideas, and yet not taking away too much time from the rest of my life.