Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Experience and Sing
Jonathan Rundman’s
Heartland Liturgy
September 10th—9 a.m.
East Koshkonong Lutheran Church
454 E. Church Rd.
Cambridge, WI 53523

Growing up in the isolated Finnish communities of Michigan's Upper Peninsula, Jonathan Rundman has drawn comparisons to singer/songwriters Paul Westerberg and Freedy Johnston for the decidedly homespun quality of his "heartland" rock. Using the geographical isolation of his youth to his advantage, Rundman formed a musical vocabulary grounded in the budding strains of Americana/roots rock, Lutheran hymns, traditional American folk music, and '70s rock to present a uniquely eclectic variant of Midwestern rock.

“He comes off as a Christian who takes seriously the priesthood of all believers and strives, with halting success, to integrate what happens on Sunday morning with life in a workaday world” (New Testament scholar Mark Allan Powell)

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