Sunday, September 03, 2006

McYoga Take Two

Ok, so, the Ronald on top of McDonalds in McFarland (see previous post first), is sitting in the lotus position. Ok, I know, I should capture this on digital image and post it here. And I might. But for the time-being, I simply invite you to a feat of imagination. Imagine an inflatable Ronald McDonald, maybe 20 feet tall, sitting in the lotus position on a brand new McDonalds directly in front of some BP gas pumps, with a strip mall in the background.

Apparently along with their salads and fruit cups, McDonalds is distributing yoga DVDs. It's what I eat and what I do So Ronald in lotus is not so incongruous. Nevertheless, it is quite a sight, maybe something one can only dream up in the smorgasbord of the North American marketplace.

After a quick philosophical dive into the ironies of Ronald adopting the McYoga pose, I went on a brief trip down memory lane. I remembered, to be exact, all the places my family used to eat after church on Sunday mornings. It was our habit, I think without exception, to eat out on Sundays after church. For a while, it was always the McDonalds on Duck Creek in Davenport. Then, for a while, we graduated to Denny's. I always preferred McDonalds because you didn't have to wait. For a small child, Denny's moves slow.

Plus, there was cool stuff, even small toys, distributed at McDs.

Later, we moved on to some other options. For a really long stretch of time, our top destination was Wendys. I'll admit that Wendys is still my favorite fastfood restaurant. When I was 12 or 13 years old, I was so impressed with Wendys that I bought stock in the company. For years, I held onto the stock (I didn't make that much money). Receiving the prospectus every year and a small dividend check periodically were worth the investment.

Finally, I think our regular after church meals became a little less regular- I think we started trying out various restaurants each week, as well as brunch options and buffets.

I remember also that at least some Sundays we went over to my great aunts (plural) house. They had a buzzer under their kitchen table that was used, at one time in the distant past, to page servants. My aunts didn't have servants. They just had us, who brought KFC chicken if memory serves correct. But the buzzer was cool for a small child interested in exploring old homes.

So, Sunday dinners.

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