Tuesday, October 17, 2006


I'm in Duluth these last three days for the fall meeting of our Pastor-theologian group. Fun to have driven across Wisconsin as the fall leaves turn, even more fun to hang out on Lake Superior as the fog rolls in. I've taken a sauna every day since I've been here.

Topic? Well, ostensibly we're discussion the relationship between Christ, soteriology, and the world. Topics that come up in relation to this include the concept of the cosmic Christ, the question of the doctrine of all things being created in, through, and for Christ, the nature of public theology, and how the gospel is FOR the world, not simply for the individual believer or for the church.

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  1. Hope your stay in Duluth is rejuvenating - it's my hometown, but I won't be back there until Thanksgiving. I grew up right on the Lake, so there is something about the expanded horizon, the waves, the depth of the water on Lake Superior that is close to my heart.