Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Living the Questions

I have sympathies with the liberal cause, so forgive me, but I can't quite know what to make of "an unapologetically liberal alternative to Alpha." Is this necessary? Is it an attempt at making commensurable the incommensurable?


  1. Of course, the question mark is the new symbol of Christianity. And the only acceptable answer? "Next question."

  2. I would be described as someone who leans just a little left of center, and this makes no sense to me. It is nothing but reactionary and divisive.

    But it seems (unfortunately) to happen from both sides of the aisle. I saw one hymn translator promote his work as "uninclusive." I didn't know that that had become one of the goals of Gospel proclamation.

    Its rhetoric. And it has gotten turned up so high that we are ever widening the gap between Christian and Christian. It is shameful.

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