Thursday, November 30, 2006

Advent and Luke

Biblical scholar Raymond Brown suggested that we begin Advent by reflecting on the meaning of gospel and by introducing the Gospel that will be the center of the new liturgical year that starts the first Sunday of Advent. So one way to preach on an admittedly difficult text, namely the gospel reading for this Sunday, is to look at it in context as the chapter between Christ's life and preaching, and the beginning of the crucifixion narrative. If it seems odd for Advent to include this reading about "the coming of the Son of Man", then it is also at first glance odd that it would precede his crucifixion.

Themes to highlight and relate in this Advent season? Hope, Luke's particular approach to the "kingdom of God", the presence of women and unique "saints", compassion, prayer, care for the poor, a somewhat apocalyptic approach, and the "catholic" intent of the gospel- a message for all people, born out by its continuance in a 2nd document, the Acts of the Apostles...

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  1. Anonymous1:37 PM

    Hi. i'm a Lutheran blogger in PA. I'm focusing on the Magnificat this season. I have heard it described recenlty as a protest song, similar to "We Shall Overcome," which gave me a new perspective on Mary's sung response to the Angel's news. In a time when no one is protesting the atrocities we see everyday, ought we to stand up and sing with her?