Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Barth, Bultmann and Tillich in a boat

> Karl Barth, Rudolf Bultmann and Paul Tillich are taking a break
> together, fishing on Lake Geneva. They are having a lovely time,
> smoking their pipes, chatting idly.
> It's hot and they are getting thirsty. So Karl Barth gets up, steps
> out of the boat, and walks across the water to the shore, gets some
> beers and returns.
> It's quite hot so the beer doesn't last long. Barth tells Tillich:
> "your turn, Paul". Tillich gets up, steps outside the boat, walks
> across the water, and fetches some beer.
> It is getting really hot now, and the beer is finished once again.
> Bultmann is beginning to sweat particularly profusely... and
> finally Barth asks him too: "Come on, Rudolf, your turn now." With
> a slight tremor in his knees, Bultmann gets up, steps out of the
> boat, and sinks like a stone. Fortunately he is a good swimmer; he
> drags himself back into the boat and sulks at the far end.
> Tillich turns to Barth and says: "Do you think we should have told
> him where the stepping stones are?"
> Barth looks at him in astonishment and replies: "What stones?"


  1. HA! That's funny... especially since I have not heard it before!


  2. Who needs a theology class? That about says it all!