Saturday, February 03, 2007

Eyewitness Testimony vs. Historicity

"It is in the Jesus of testimony that theology and history meet." (Bauckham, p. 508) I'm afraid I can't agree with the idea that Bauckham is using a similar method to the historical critical school, even if he does inhabit some of their schools of thought. Although he makes use of historical research, he is working with a deeply theological category--testimony, martyria--and seeking to revive it in regard to our reading of the gospels. This is not a focus on historicity per se, but rather a recognition that testimony (the proclamation of the gospel in faith) is what it is, the passing on of the faith from one witness to the next.

The final chapter making use of Paul Ricouer is especially valuable, as his reflection on the literary genres that indicate the eyewitness character of the gospel narratives.

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