Monday, March 19, 2007

Pastors Writing Badly

Theolog is the blog of The Christian Century , and this recent piece on "Pastors Writing Badly" caught my attention.

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  1. Chip Frontz9:07 AM

    Well put. Could this be because "letter-writing" as a skill is no longer a subject taught extensively in primary, secondary, or post-secondary education?

    Or, I wonder, would the blogger be just as horrified could she hear some of the sermons that are preached from the pulpit?

    Part of the issue could be that pastors feel the need to be "inspirational" at all times. A pastoral letter in a newsletter is an excellent way to inform the congregation of news or issues in the local ecumenical community or in the wider church. It can also briefly address a topic that, for time reasons, cannot be done in a sermon or a Sunday School class.