Saturday, April 21, 2007

20 million in house churches per week

And I confess- I don't think I've ever been to a "house church", unless church camp counts... I don't even know how you find one.


  1. Interesting. In some ways, one could certainly call this a Back-to-the-Bible way of worshipping. And certainly, there aren't the rigorous requirements in the Bible to to be a worship leader, ie pastor, that we have today.

    OTOH, just like home schooling, these could vary quite a bit, with no oversight, nobody questioning the theology presented, and easily, a cult of personality prevailing, if the leader was that kind of person.

  2. Yes you are right. I have been to one, but I guess the reason Barna can say this is because this is what is happening in China - house churches sprouting up.

  3. A freind of mine began a house church in his home because he could not continue to worship in the Episcopal church his family attended. He has several issues with the church, mostly centered around Bishop Gene Robinson. His house church has grown to about ten members, if you can call them that. They meet each Sunday evening.

    One time I asked him how they go about their worship. It sounds more like a Bible study to me, and P.S. is right....the theology is somewhat based on loose interpretations of text.