Saturday, April 28, 2007

Vow of Stability

Have been spending the past couple of days reading Eugene Peterson's Under the Unpredictable Planet. The book has been healthfully clarifying. Thank you, Eugene!

Eugene argues early in the book that pastoral "stability" is an important commitment in our day. He writes, "20, 30, and forty-year-long pastorates should be typical among... far too many pastors changes parishes out of adolescent boredom, not as a consequence of mature wisdom" (29).

I tend to agree. I think pastor's changing calls too frequently is a result of careerism, as well as congregational and pastoral inability to actually struggle through conflict and relational issues. I know that, at least for myself, staying in one place and one call for a length of time will be important for growth in maturity and wisdom.

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  1. Chip Frontz2:47 PM

    I read Under the Unpredictable Plant during internship with my intern cluster. It has had a great influence on my ministry thus far.