Friday, May 18, 2007

Joggling for Darwin

Perry over at Just Your Average Joggler was kind enough to post about my fund-raising joggling. Thanks, Perry. Perry runs a LOT farther than I do while joggling- he joggles marathons.

He wonders why no one joggles for Darwin. Personally, as a Christian I don't see any reason why joggling for Jesus needs to be in opposition to Darwinian theory. Lutherans and Catholics, for example, tend to believe good science and good faithful theology compliment each other more often than they are in opposition.

On the other hand, I wonder what social Darwinism would have to say about care of the refugee and the sojourner in our midst?


  1. smeier12:22 PM

    Just reviewed the whole Theology/ Science debate via Dr. Dennis Bielfeldt, USD - also Lutheran Pastor. He used big words - but my take is what you suppose about Darwin and Jesus may not be the best explanation.
    Neo-Darwinian - which is Darwin plus modern genetics, supposes a non-teleological view of the universe -- which I understand means there is no meaning or purpose and also that there is the causal closure of the physical - that is no "supernatural" or "extra-natural" causes can be connected to events within the universe.
    A God who acts - is not incompatible with evolution, just with mechanistic evolutionary accounts that insist on causal closure of the physical.
    therefore - we could make this statement. Because there is reason and purpose in the universe now - (that evolution happens for a purpose - to adapt for survival)infers that there is high probability that there was reason and purpose that externally affected the universe at The Beginning.
    Not a resounding endorsement - but through philosophy this is what you can expect.
    God Bless your Joggling - pick up your feet and keep your eyes on the balls.

  2. I was just kidding in the post. It sounded funny to me, considering the amount of God/Evolution debate that you run across on the Internet.

    I don't know much about social Darwinism but it's not science. Evolution is just a theory that best explains the evidence for the development of life on earth. Any other adaptation of the theory is misguided. So, evolution wouldn't have anything to say about caring for refugees.

    But caring for others is an innate human urge and one that should certainly be applauded. Even if there is no super-natural causes.

    I'd suggest you don't look at the balls but look through them. It's a much safer way to joggle. Good luck!

  3. Perry is correct- you juggle by feel and keep your eyes on the road. In fact, I have found that my juggling pattern runs so close to my body and just a bit below my eye level, so there really isn't a way to watch the balls at all. Most juggling is like this. Your brain knows where the balls will be after you throw them, not your eyes.

    Thanks to all for well-wishes. I completed the run in record time (for me) this year even with the addition of three miles of joggling. Over $1500 raised for refugees.