Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Thematic Preaching- July is Genesis

I'm offering the outline of readings we'll be using in July in place of the lectionary, we're doing thematic preaching during these "ordinary days" between Pentecost and Advent, and the July theme is Genesis. Since I'm new to the whole thematic preaching thing, I'd love comments:

July 1- Creation (and evolution)

Genesis 1, read responsively by lector and congregation

Lector: chapter 1, v. 1-2, 6-8, 11-13, 20-23, 27-31
Cong: chapter 1, v. 3-5, 9-10, 14-19, 24-26
All: Chapter 2:1-3
Pastor: 2:4-25 (read after the psalm)

Psalm for this day is Psalm 8, read or sung responsively from the hymnal

July 8- The Fall

Lector: Genesis 3:1-12
Psalm 1 read responsively from hymnal
Pastor: Genesis 4:1-16

July 15- The Flood

Three different readers recruited for this Sunday, they will stand at three microphones and read a section each, back-to-back

Genesis 6:5-22
Genesis 7:1-24
Genesis 8:1-22

We'll read Psalm 11 responsively between these readings and the sermon

July 22- Babel

Lector: Genesis 11:1-8
Psalm 150
Pastor: Revel 7:9-17

July 29- Abraham and Sarah

Lector: Genesis 12:1-9
Psalm 105:1-11
Lector: Genesis 18:1-15
Pastor: Genesis 21:1-21


  1. Chip Frontz9:34 AM

    It sounds very interesting. Are you still offering podcasts?

    Recommending Bonhoeffer's Creation and Fall for your study before preaching the texts.

  2. We haven't been podcasting for a bit- changing our technology.

    I will be reading Bonhoeffer. He's part of my preparatory reading! Thanks.