Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Joggling Marathons

These two make my three miles of joggling look like a cake-walk... Guess I need to start training more. Apparently, one of them is a divinity student. What is it about pastors and joggling?


  1. You should check out Michal's blog. He's preparing yet again to do the Scotiabank Toronto Marathon joggling. If you look at a few of his old posts, he's got some videos of the joggling event in Salt Lake City.

    Keep on joggling.

  2. Thanks for this additional link, although now I'm even more intimidated (or inspired?) 5-ball joggling? Six minute miles? I was feeling amazed at myself for 9 minute miles for 20 miles with three of joggling.

    Ok, I take up the challenge. I'll start practicing more. BTW, what's your preferred joggling ball?

  3. I like Gballz but mostly because I get them for free. I've also juggled with some Jugglebug bags for quite some time.