Friday, August 24, 2007

Flood Relief in Wisconsin | The Ministry of Lutheran Disaster Response


Do not let the flood sweep over me,
or the deep swallow me up. Psalm 69:15

With an opening prayer and these words from Scripture shared by Bishop Larson, representatives of Lutheran Disaster Response (LDR) began a meeting on Wednesday, August 22, with ELCA pastors from the flooded areas of our region. Each pastor had a story to tell, of closed bridges and impassible roads, of flattened crops and lost cattle, of wet basements and evacuated towns, of individuals, families, congregations and whole communities at risk.

We are called to show Christ's love for these flood victims, regardless of their religion or background. Working on our behalf through Lutheran Social Services of Wisconsin and Minnesota, LDR will provide:
1. Spiritual and emotional support for the whole community;
2. Hardship grants for those most vulnerable with acute needs;
3. Volunteer coordination (for example, LDR coordinated 34,000 volunteers who helped refurbish 9,200 homes after Hurricane Katrina); and
4. Case management to guide survivors through the process of recovery.
The clean-up after a disaster can take months and years. LDR provides long-term relief and recovery until the job is finished.

You can make a difference with:
" a donation marked "LDR" to support its four critical areas of work listed above
" a donation marked "Flood Relief" to support any other special needs that arise, such as flooded congregations in distress
" offers of volunteer labor with names and contact information, which LDR will match with an urgent need.
Please send these in care of: La Crosse Area Synod, ELCA, 3462 Losey Blvd. S., La Crosse, WI 54601, or contact 608-788-5000 or For more information see Thank you.

(The above is available as a bulletin or newsletter insert at

Lutheran Disaster Response forwarded the following message this morning. VOLUNTEERS ARE NOW NEEDED to do clean-up for a day at a time (approx. 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.). On Friday, Aug. 24, please report to the fire station in Gays Mills. On Saturday, Aug. 25, and following, please report to the Gays Mills Community Building at 212 Main St, Gays Mills. Bring rubber boots, rubber gloves, bleach and a pail; electric fans are also needed to help dry out homes. You will receive directions and a lunch. Volunteers should make sure their tetanus shots are current, due to the contaminated water.

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