Sunday, March 02, 2008

Jurgen Moltmann's Autobiography | A Broad Place

If you read one autobiography this year, make it Moltmann's. It's not just a fascinating account of the journey of a premiere theologian. It also touches on a majority of the major events of the 20th century with new perspectives and insights.

One of the more amusing paragraphs in the book (page 75):

That brings me to the history of lecturing in German universities: Kant still fell back on philosophical textbooks, reading them aloud and then commenting on them; but from the time of Fichte and Hegel onwards, what the lecturer presented was what he intended to publish himself in the near future. Professors 'read' their future works in advance and made the lecture a run-up for their future printed works. It was only in America that I found the old way of lecturing again. It saves a great deal of trouble and time, but is also somewhat unproductive!

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