Friday, March 21, 2008

Life in Hawaii - Electronic Edition: Introduction

Life in Hawaii - Electronic Edition: Titus Coan

An electronic version of a book Wayne Cordeiro discusses in his new devotional resource, The Divine Mentor. Read a Cordeiro book on leadership for my doctor of ministry, and have found the idea of doing a Life Journal (journaling on Scripture) a compelling idea that I've struggled to put into practice.

It is possible that in order to journal on Scripture every day I would need to incorporate some personalized methods, thinking of it more like "study notes" than journaling. Anyone else journal on scripture and have good advice to share?

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  1. I journal on scripture in conjunction with the practice of lectio divina. It is not for study, but more for how God is speaking to me personally through the Word. I find the quiet time of meditating on scripture a great discipline.