Sunday, September 21, 2008

McSeeney's Remembers David Foster Wallace

A Thread of Memories is going up at McSweeney's as people remember and post comments from his life.

They write:

Below, we've begun a thread of memories of David Foster Wallace that will, we hope, be some kind of salve during this wretched and bewildering week. Remembering him, and hearing of his warmth, his realness, his generosity and incredible decency, from those who knew him well and those who only met him once, might dull the pain a bit and, at the very least, remind us all why he meant so much to the world. If you would like to send a contribution—and it need not be beautifully written or profound—e-mail New entries will be added to the top of the thread each day. This site will be devoted to his memory for the foreseeable future.

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