Sunday, December 27, 2009

New Year's/Decade's Resolutions


1. Post weekly re: Book of Concord: The original idea behind Lutheran Confessions was to post commentary on the Lutheran confessional documents. I'm going to try and return to that practice.
2. Pray the Daily Prayer Office, with special focus on Psalms
3. Listen better
4. Participate in the resettlement of a refugee family


1. Intentional weekly study of Greek, be able to recognize vocabulary down to about 20 word occurrences in the NT; improve parsing and syntax.
2. Write three books
3. Raise happy and healthy children, and continue to develop a thriving marriage.
4. Serve as a pastor in a way that helps the congregation grow as disciples of Jesus--bring together efforts in prayer and evangelism so that more unchurched and de-churched will come to know Christ.
5. Finish my doctor of ministry at Fuller

This is my working draft, I may edit or change as I move along, but thought I might as well be ambitious and forward thinking. What are your resolutions/goals?

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