Thursday, April 01, 2010

Lenten Discipline Self-Evaluation

I set a goal during Lent to write each day on different topics. The goal helped. I was relatively successful at writing on the assigned topic each day. But I also missed a lot of days, or delayed in getting stuff published. So I confess my inability to keep the disciplines while celebrating that the discipline did help focus a practice of writing.

This week, Holy Week, I'm going to leave aside the schedule, and will probably resume after Easter by including more of what I enjoyed writing the most (poems, lectionary exegesis, and book reviews), add more of just straight up theology, and abandon the music reviews and commentary on the confessions, unless and when the spirit wills.

I might also add here that I'm under contract on a number of writing projects right now, including a Book of Faith bible study, some resources on baptismal instruction, material for the liturgical seasons, a couple of new magazine articles, an article for Word & World, and additionally need to be finishing up a paper for my d.min. class, so I'm having to balance all of that writing with what I do on the blog. I could use some prayer support to accomplish all of that. God bless you.

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