Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Luther's 1543 Preface to Quran - LutheranWiki

Historical contextualization is often helpful. Consider reading this short wiki on Luther's 1543 Preface to Quran.

Luther encouraged the translation of the Quran into Latin, so that it might be studied and debated. Those of us who are Christian and in dialogue with Muslims may come to different conclusions about why the Quran should be published and studied by Christians than Luther did. I know I do. However, no one who is a Christian can come helpfully to the conclusion that the Quran should be burned. We are called to engage our neighbors and love them enough to be in serious dialogue with them, as well as the texts they hold sacred. That is the Christian norm.


  1. Anonymous9:00 PM

    Thanks, Clint, for this perspective. Poignant.

  2. I just found out about this translation today. Do you know where you can track down an actual copy of the preface?