Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Best Albums of 2010

I know, there will probably be some great albums that come out between now and 2011, but since I'm dramatically decreasing my CD purchasing budget for the remainder of the year, I've decided to publish this list now.

Tied for first place:

The National- High Violet
Charlotte Gainsborough- Irm

The National's Boxer was my favorite album of 2008, and they've done it again, with another spectacular album that gets even better with each listen. However, Charlotte's album surprised me, and since she worked with Beck on it, I'm not surprised that I have fallen in love with it.

Continuing the top ten:

2. Sleigh Bells- Treats (by far the best album of the year to simply rock out to at high volume)
3. Vijay Iyer- Solo (all of his jazz piano work is amazing)
4. Joanne Newsom- Have One On Me (how can a seemingly self-indulget 3-disc album work? Amazing)
5. Steve Lehman Octet- Travail, Transformation, and Flow (this is what post-modern jazz should sound like)
6. David Byrne- Here Lies Love (fat beats, retro, and a bizarre historical retrospective)
7. Spoon- Transference (I'm gaga for it, great album to listen to while driving)
8. Jamie Lidell- Compass (beautiful sonic funk)
9. Laura Veirs- July Flame (just great song-writing)
10. Wolf Parade- Expo 86 (just turn it up loud)

And in the 11th position, one I know we'll love but we just haven't purchased yet:

Elizabeth Mitchell- Sunny Day

Finally, some honorable mentions, albums I really enjoy listening to but are less inspiring than previous albums by the same bands:

1. Band of Horses- Infinite Arms
2. Neil Young- Le Noise
3. Arcade Fire- Suburbs
4. The New P- Together
5. LCD Soundsystem- This Is Happening
6. Hot Chip- One Life Stand

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