Sunday, November 14, 2010

Thanks to Lindsay for her Thanks!

Lindsay Stolen, a member of East Koshkonong who is completed her studies at Luther Seminary in anticipation of a call into ordained ministry, recently posted a thank you letter at her blog, There's no place like gnome.

It's an exercise in being thankful on paper. I love it! It's very Pauline (I was recently reading a dissertation on Paul that studied how Paul gave thanks--he was unique in the Greco-Roman world for his frequent lifting up of thanksgivings!)

I'm proud that Lindsay is in seminary. Since one of the calls of a pastor is to identify and lift up servant leaders for service in the ministry of the church, I'm particularly glad this year as we have three who I have mentored and supported who are preparing for ministry, two interns I've supervised from Luther Seminary, and Lindsay who is a daughter of our congregation.

Lindsay has a quiet and faithful leadership style. It's awesome to watch. She comes alongside people and supports them, and is awesome at maintaining and developing friendships. She's going to make a great pastor, and delivered a superb sermon this past October.

So thank you, Lindsay, for posting the blog of thanks. It added to an already emotional and full day as we transition to a new call and place.

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