Monday, January 10, 2011

Bucket List for 2011

As I was preparing to move to Arkansas, I started keeping a list of ideas I had for things I'd like to do as pastor in Fayetteville. Of course, I know all of these can't happen in the first year, and so will likely be revisioned or not happen at all, but it was fun making the list, and I think sharing it with a broader readership might help with discernment and visioning. I'll likely add more as we move along. So here is the list. A * symbol next to it means it is a high or central priority. A + sign indicates I'm personally interested in it for renewal and growth for myself, or perhaps as outreach:
Chick-Fil-A Prepare/Enrich event for outreach to young couples and marrieds 
One on ones with as many key leaders as possible 
*Campus ministry mission starts
+Sunday potlucks at our house 
+Theology reading group (perhaps interfaith) 
Drive around to other Lutheran parishes in state and synod 
+Join a running club or Ultimate frisbee team 
Contact UArk students from GSLC 
Weekly presence at a local coffee house 
Consider using Unbinding the Gospel with Martha Grace Reese with congregation 
*Small groups/house churches, created by encouraging congregation to have groups invite me 
Press release to local papers that accentuates key visions 
Bible study with other churches and religious communities (Fayetteville ministerial association?) 
Know how to use screens well and faithfully as part of worship and preaching at all services 
Offer a Focused Living Retreat 
Meet in homes for regional small groups (see another of these above) 
Grant-writing for pilot project for mission starts (synod is already doing this) 
*Staff retreat and how to work with/lead staff 
Meet the leaders of the Fayetteville community (mayor, sheriff, pastors, superintendent, local principal, etc.) 
Find out what there is in the way of prison ministries 
Development of Fayetteville as "secondary" refugee resettlement community 
Bring in guest lecturers and musicians to congregation 
Create four events during the year that are truly outreach events 
Give greater energy and focus to my worship leadership and preaching (study and write)
Invite folks to a 2011 trip to Slovakia, and perhaps Lutherlag or Holden Village in Decorah this summer 


  1. Nice list! Makes me feel inadequate. :)

    Running club- check with Fleet Feet in Fayetteville, they should know of some.

    Prison ministry- one of Wes' coworkers does prison ministry work, mostly down in LR, but he said he would ask her for some info on it.

    Have a great 'snow' day! :) Tracy Bond

  2. Thanks, Tracy. I've seen Fleet Feet but haven't stopped in. It's on my "bucket list." :)

    Yes, I haven't learned if there is an actual prison here in NWA, more likely there's a jail or other facilities at different levels of security. Where does Wes work? I'd love to learn more.

  3. You're welcome! Fleet Feet is great, I highly recommend it. Wes is a pharmacist at the VA. He usually comes to Bible Study on Tues, but I have to go to a visitation tonight so he won't be there. I'll remind him to bring some info about it next week!