Friday, February 25, 2011

Resources for studying the lectionary

Some in our congregation are interested in a study that focuses on the lectionary text and sermon for the week, so I'm posting some links to on-line resources (free and easy to use).

Here's the ELCA resource:

The Episcopalians also produce a nice resource:

There are also some basic models for bible study you can use for any passage of Scripture without needing to have a special lesson plan written for that week. For example:

Of these, T.R.I.P is the one that Oaks Indian Mission uses for their daily text resource, inspired by the spirituality of the Moravians and Martin Luther's approach to prayer, and mutual invitation is my favorite way to read Scripture as lectio divina.

I hope these pointers are helpful for connecting groups with a simple method for studying Scripture together.

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  1. We do a weekly lectionary Bible study from Lutheran Bible Ministry called "Light on the Lessons." Those can be downloaded from
    I really like the "Faith Lens" and "Daily Discipleship" resources from the ELCA, but wish they would include the Old Testament and Epistle texts.