Sunday, March 27, 2011

Fidelity as Betrayal: Dr. Gregory Walter at St. Olaf Chapel

An excellent friend, also an excellent theologian, asked me to post a link to his chapel sermon tomorrow. He wrote,

I'm in the middle of a social media fast; could you post my chapel talk link?
I'm giving it at 10am tomorrow.  It's on the arrest scene from Mark.  "Fidelity as Betrayal."
Thanks!  It is live live and then is available as an archival broadcast thereafter.
I look forward to listening to it. Greg's message reminded me why I chose not to take an FB fast this year. FB has become such an important communication medium to me for my work that I can't imagine taking a six week break from it anymore than I would say I was fasting from e-mail or telephone calls.

That being said, fasts and practices that put good boundaries around our use of new and old media are important, and I've been praying for all those who are so fasting.

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