Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Intentionally engaging media each day of the week

The proliferation of media has engendered a certain kind of fatigue, at least for me. I find, for example, that I have time for e-mail, and now Facebook, but less time for phone calls, and I really struggle to remember to follow up on IM messages. I communicate through all these means, but observe myself engaging some more than others.

It occurred to me the other day, while writing the prayers of the church, that it might be helpful to have an intentional approach to different media each day. Especially since I am a pastor serving a congregation of folks who make use of different media at different levels of engagement, in order to be "all things to all people," I need to keep my media usage diverse and engaged. So here's a model I may adopt.

Monday- snail mail, so that right away at the beginning of the week I sit down and write a traditional letter or two, perhaps especially thank you notes, but also longer letters of a more epistolary nature

Tuesday- Phone calls, because by Tuesday I've dug myself out of Monday, and have an afternoon, typically, free for more leisurely conversations

Wednesday- Text, because frankly, the only way I'm going to get myself to text with people is to schedule a day while I do it. This has to be my least preferred communication strategy.

Thursday- Video, because I have some far flung friends in Russia, Slovakia, etc. who enjoy the face to face
Friday- No media... well, everything is mediated, but try to avoid the main media

Saturday- Undesignated, perhaps Second Life, or hiking, or smoke signals, messages in a bottle, etc.

Sunday- face time, including church and meals

Of course, all or much of the variety of media will be woven into each day. But pacing oneself like this might be helpful. I'm going to give it a shot.


  1. And when this plan crashes,relax in the loving arms of your creator, redeemer and sustainer who simply loves you because God created you. Peace!

  2. True, I don't really intend the model to be legalistic, more suggestive, and a healthy reminder on how to connect with the range of people I know in their preferred media.