Thursday, April 07, 2011

Sermon Series on the Small Catechism--Audio recordings

Throughout Lent our congregation has observed the season with a specific Wednesday pattern. First a soup supper, then the singing of Holden Evening Prayer, special music written by and performed by our musicians connected to the theme for the evening, then a reading or performance of one section of the Small Catechism by our confirmation youth, and finally a sermon on each section.

You can listen to the audio of these sermons here:

I think listeners will find them to be fresh and inspiring. This last week, I talked about what it is like for Lutherans to live in the land of Baptists, and how to be a good neighbor in that context. Let me know what you think.

** Please note that it takes a few seconds or even minutes before the audio loads and begins to play.


  1. Eric Evers11:11 AM

    Any way to download these? Thanks!


  2. I'll ask our web master. Right now I only know how to listen to them streaming on-line.