Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Best Run in Fayetteville

Obviously a subjective assertion, that the run I was on today is the best run in Fayetteville. Nevertheless, I'll make it. For one, the run from our house is historic. I go past Butterfield Trail Elementary and along Old Wire Road, historic trails and roads that were the main passage between Chicago and San Francisco for much of the 19th century. No one has written a song about them like Route 66. But the history is significant, and we live and run right on it, daily.

Then, along Mud Creek Trail, a pleasant little path that is the only major bike trail that runs east and west through the city. Then north, past the best pizza place (and best pretzel place) in town, Mellow Mushroom. Finally, you go through Veterans Park, where you can read a sign to your kids about opposum (opposable thumbs), owls (that eat other owls), coyote (who eat gardens), hawks (who eat snakes). Said sign fuels conversation until you arrive at the Lake Fayetteville Dam (pictured). Did I mention that passengers in the jogging stroller have free golf balls they picked up from the run past the country club, and they imaginatively entertain the idea, "What if we dropped the golf balls into the creek?" Of course they don't do this, but they taunt each other with the possibility.

Then, further along to the turn-around near Lewis and Clark outfitters, back through Veterans Park, and home to the house where I had the forethought (necessary today) to have cranked the air-conditioning for recovery. Popsicles. Naps. Best run in Fayetteville.

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