Friday, June 10, 2011

Blues Brothers or Tron:Legacy as Analogies for Church

Here's a fun Friday reflection. Lately, everyone in church is talking about mission and missional church. My favorite quote relative to this is the The Blues Brothers, "We're on a mission from God." Although the movie isn't quite an exemplar of how church life ought to go, the notion that we're "sent" is illustrated well in the movie. God sends us on a mission into God's world.

However, lately I've been pondering another metaphor I learned in a movie. What if the church is actually isomorphic. Algorhythmically speaking, is the church, each church, and each individual Christian, an isomorph of Christ? Tron: Legacy is the movie that has the fascinating concept of isomorphic computer programs that are "living" programs that arose isomorphically from the system itself. I kind of think that's what the church is, from a Trinitarian participationist perspective.

However, this leaves unaddressed, which of these movies would we better live into as a church? The Blues Brothers clearly has better music, but for me it's a toss-up which actors wear cooler clothes and ride nicer vehicles. Both are "cool" in their own way, and I for one would love for the church to care a little bit more about the cool and the hip, at least inasmuch as we take pride in who we are and share that pride through justice and love with others. Isomorphs on a mission, or some such. Friday blessings!

Tron: Legacy

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