Monday, July 25, 2011

‎"In my church development work, I encourage congregations to get
ready: ratchet down nonessential spending and free up funds to help the
needy. Stop fighting and start finding fresh ways to serve a despairing
and angry citizenry. See the world as it is, and venture into it. Preach
hope to neighbors who see little basis for it anywhere else." -Tom Ehrich

Read this quote on a friend's status, to which I responded:

 I think I like this quote, but I worry that ratcheting down nonessential spending includes things like giving up a subscription to The Lutheran, spending money on art and music, etc. I'd like this dude to take a look at my church budget and tell me what is non-essential. Salaries? AC? Continuing education?

In fact, some of the fresh ways to serve a despairing and angry citizenry probably include spending money on "non-essentials." Parties. Plays. Poetry. People. My two cents.

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