Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Web sites are so 1990

Our new church web site has been "live" for a few weeks now. Lots of content has been updated, and our staff has the goal of having all "static" content updated by August 15th. We'd especially appreciate a review from those who lead ministry areas to see if we've included everything you hope to see featured on the site, and to correct any mistakes or omissions. We'd especially appreciate it if leaders of ministry areas would write new content as needed to flesh out the site. Here's the link:http://goodshepherdnwa.org/

Thanks so much for your close and careful review. Readers of this blog, or visitors, we especially appreciate comments from those who have never been to our church, how does the page present our ministry?

Finally, I'm looking for a videographer to help us film a welcome video for the front page. Our other video person has moved to the Czech Republic. Anyone game to help us with this?

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  1. Anonymous7:00 PM

    I visited Good Shepherd's website shortly after we met. I may not remember the old site very well, but the new one strikes me as much cleaner! It looks good--informative, easy to navigate, and not too "busy".

    The link under About/Mission doesn't work, by the way--I just happened to click on that one.