Thursday, September 01, 2011

Church in Waiting: Studies for Advent 2011

It's official, the Book of Faith study I wrote for Augsburg Fortress is now out!

It's titled Church in Waiting: Studies for Advent 

It's a four week bible study keyed to the lectionary texts for Advent of 2011. Perfect for small group and congregational study.

This was one of the most joyous writing projects I have ever been involved in. AF is awesome to work with, the Advent texts are some of my favorites for the whole church year, and writing a curriculum like this brings together the pastor-theologian role in a pleasant fashion.

Please consider making use of it in your congregation or small group this winter. And tell me what you think!

Description: Keeping time according to the church year is a grace, not a requirement. The grace of Advent is best received in community. These sessions, together with the liturgy and preaching supports, offer an opportunity to awaken to the gift of time provided by the celebration of Advent.
4-sessions include:
- Be Enriched and Strengthened
- Wait Patiently
- Repent and Prepare the Way of the Lord
- Glorify God through Jesus Christ

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