Friday, September 30, 2011

A Mission Statement from the 80s

Someone recently gave me a copy of the bulletin for the 1987 20th anniversary rededication of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Let it be known that the first information in the bulletin was the menu--smart move. Menu included: Roast sirloin, baked ham, or turkey and dress; whole potatoes in white sauce, broccoli spears, or yellow corn; salad bar, rolls, coffee/tea, and apple cobbler.

After this, they printed the mission statement and "purpose and mission." Lately mission statements are kind of a contested matter in the church and business worlds, but I thought this one illustrated well how things have changed even in the short 24 years since 1987. Here they are, for your reading pleasure:

Mission statement: The Congregation is a group of Christian persons to whom the Gospel of reconciliation has been given.

Purpose and mission: To focus and coordinate the resources and activities of the members to the end that the triune God may be more fully made known to all people. This will be the continuing ministry to members through the Word and Sacrament of the Church. They, in turn, will be encouraged to dedicate themselves to bear witness to their Christian faith in fullness and by every possible means, and to perceive and extend the unity of that faith. -- Specifically, this congregation commits itself to the proclamation of the Christian faith in the community in which it is located as as well as to all people everywhere, and among the membership through faithful use of the Means of Grace. This congregation shall also continuously seek avenues of service in Christ's name which will extend into all areas of human need.

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