Friday, January 27, 2012

Do you sleep?

"I suspect I have spent just about exactly as much time actually writing as the average person my age has spent watching television, and that, as much as anything, may be the real secret here."

William Gibson says this about himself in his recent non-fiction essay collection, Distrust that Particular Flavor. He also says, "An individual who watches no television is still a scarcer beast than one who doesn't have an e-mail address," which I have found particularly true whenever I tell people I don't watch television.

And yes, I get most of my writing and other projects done in about the amount of time the average person watches television.

Which leaves some time for sleep.


  1. Absolutely -- I've been TV-free for about 1 year now, and it's great! (though I admit I'll Netflix a movie a couple times a month).

  2. My big time suck in the Internet, which Gibson confesses also sucks much of his time as well. I can't imagine how people do social media, e-mail, AND watch television and live life.

  3. Amen! I've been TV free since becoming an Urban Nomad (2 and 1/2 years), although I must admit I catch a couple things on Hulu. One of my best comebacks of all time was at a party in Ohio, when a guy kept asking me if I'd seen various reality show stars on the streets of Manhattan, and I didn't know who they were. He was shocked that I didn't have a TV, and didn't know many people who did.

    "No TV?!? Seriously? What do you do with your time?"

    "We're out living the lives that you're watching on TV."

    Not entirely true, but fun to say.

  4. Which begs the question, what is an urban nomad?